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The Top Ten Seeds for Survival

As more and more Americans purchase Seed Banks and Survival Seed Kits, it’s important to know how to determine quality, quantity, and growing ability.  The best Survival Seed Kits contain non-hybrid seeds, or seeds that 100% natural and haven’t been “enhanced” or altered.   The best seeds are those with high germination rates, meaning the vast […]

The U.S. Food SNUBsidy

According to research done by the Environmental Working Group, the U.S. Government spends over 166 Billion dollars each year in subsidizing farms.  The 166 Billion doesn’t tell the whole story though.  Where does it all go? Which farmers receive the most subsidies?  If you’re a believer in the idea that the rich get more breaks […]

2012 Was Too Hot for 2013

The summer of 2012 proved to be the worst summer in over 25 years.  Severe drought struck the mid-Western United States, leaving farmers and ranchers scrambling to save as much stock as possible.   As a result of the drought, cattle herds and planted crops were destroyed or badly damaged.  The full effects of the drought […]