What Makes A Good Survival Kit?

First off, all Survival Seed kits are not created equal.  Some last longer than others.  Some germinate more easily. Packaging also determines how long seeds will last. Survival Seed Kits’ only use top quality seeds and the most durable packaging available.  A Survival Seed Kit uses the following:

  • Non-Hybrid Seeds. Non-Hybrid Seeds are 100% natural and are not genetically altered. All Non-Hybrid Seeds are dried to optimum moisture content for long term storage.
  • High Germination Rates. All Survival Seed Kit’s contain seeds with Germination rates between 85-94%. This allows more seeds to grow, thus producing more food.
  • Regenerating Seeds. A Survival Seed Kit lasts for years because your garden will produce seeds you can reuse the following year.
  • Individual Packaging. Each of the 23 packets in our Survival Seeds Kit is sealed in a triple foil package which can be re-sealed.