Survival Seed Kits are the ultimate emergency tool for those that like to BE SELF-SUFFICIENT. Growing your own food is the only sure way to keep your family alive in a crisis. There is peace in preparation.

Premium Heirloom Seeds

We carefully select the most popular and delicious seeds on the market. Each of our 16 varieties has been tried and tested to make sure you're getting the highest quality seeds available.

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  • Regenerating Seeds

    At the end of the harvesting season, regenerating seeds can be saved and used again the following year. One Survival Seed Kit can provide food for a family for life.

  • High Germination Rates

    The seeds in a Survival Seed kit have germination rates between 85%-94%. This means more seeds actually grow into delicious food that will keep you alive during a crisis.

  • Non-Hybrid Seeds

    Non-Hybrid Seeds are 100% natural and have not been altered in any way. They are dried to optimum moisture content which keeps your food supply protected for years.

Why You Need Seed

Welcome to Survival Seeds.  We sell the worlds premier Survival Seed Kits to people who are independent and self-sufficient….people who don’t want to rely on Government because deep down, they know they can’t.   Many people have food storage as their safety net.  We believe in that too but the problem is what happens after?  It’s a limited resource that eventually runs out.  The only way you can know you are truly self-sufficient is if you have control over your food supply.  That means being able to grow your own food.  That’s where we come in. is a company dedicated to being prepared for anything.  Our Seed Kits contain enough seeds to plant over 2 acres of delicious food.  We’ve carefully selected the best Heirloom Seeds on the market.  We also select food that people actually want to eat…food like peas, carrots, squash and sweet corn.

There are several reasons our Survival Seed kits are superior to others.  One, we give you double the seeds in comparison to other Seed Kits.  Two, we use 100% natural seeds that haven’t been genetically altered.   Three, our seed kits contain regenerating seeds.  This means at the end of each growing season, seeds can be replanted.   One seed kit can produce enough food for years to come.

If you are someone who likes to be prepared, a Survival Seed Kit is the perfect tool to give you the freedom to grow your own food so you can survive anything.

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