Is there a food shortage?

#1 Declining Food Supply

Have you noticed how expensive it is to go to the grocery store during the last year?  Have you ever wondered why?  According to Agricultural suppliers and the USDA, the global food supply is declining and growers can’t keep up with demand.  As food becomes increasingly scarce, it will become more expensive.  When this happens, hoarding becomes widespread and the price goes up even more.  The truth is, hoarding is already happening.  Everyday people are doing it, but what’s even more scary is Governments all over the world are stockpiling massive amounts of food and gold…countries like China, Russia, and the United States.  Do they know something you don’t?  In order to protect your family, you need to be prepared too.

#2 Food Price Index is Climbing

Recently, the United Nations World Food Price Index has recorded several new records for skyrocketing prices due to shortages.  For example, corn is 90% more expensive this year compared to last year.  Wheat also jumped 80% and Soybeans were up 49%, just to name a few.  The fact it is, there is a world-wide shortage of food and the U.S. is not immune.   Neither are you.